Day 1- kolhapur to Goa

Finally the day which I was looking forward to arrived. Left Home at 0815 lt on 31st May. No traffic, Early hours, India was closed due to Fuel hike strike. Wonder where these strikes will lead to in these trying times. Economy is in shambles. The strike will further dampen the economy in the coming days. Took the bangalore Highway. After crossing Nipani and passing the toll saw lot of crowd in th north bound lane. Initially I thought it was the strike effect.But it was not. There was an accident between a Innova and an truck. The crowd was trying to get the casualties out of the car.

Whilst passing Amboli, i was not able to see any water falls, as the water has dried out. The falls are in full flow from july until November ,after which the fall subsides. Lot of monkeys were pestering the crowd who had stopped by the falls for a break. They were as usual munching on the nuts, bananas and left overs. some of them were very smart and fast. before u could say hey, the banana would have disappeared from your hand.

By-passed sawantwadi although it was an shortcut, the road was very bad in stretches. The stretch was about 11 kms leading to the Panaji Highway.After passing panaji hedaed for margao circle .Took a right ,passed the railway crossing and took another right leading to Jasmine. The signboards reflecting the kms to the resort are not correct. They are off by about 2- 3 kms.Finally reached Jasmine. The staff was very nice . Since it was lunch time we headed for lunch at the Bristo, the staff checked my baggage to the room. After lunch had a short power nap. At 1700 took my daughter zainab for a swim at the swimming pool. Swimming pool does not have a lifeguard ant the resort does not take any reponsibilities for any mishaps. No diving signs are prominent. water on the deepest side is about 5 feet. I was not able to digest the fact that being a mahindra resort , they should have atl east provided with a rescue quoit or a lifebuoy at the swimming pool. Gave the feedback to one of the staff and was told that the resort is on lease and there is no lifeguard bcoz the management wants to cut costs. It is perfectly alright to cut costs. However Keeping a Lifebuoy or a rescue quoit is not going to increase the cost. Will try to give my feedbcak in writing. At 1800 headed for varca resort where my friend capt Praveen was staying. I mistook the varca resort for Emearald Palms, I met one of my other friend capt Nilesh Kalyanpur who had just arrived from Mumbai. I then headed for varca resort. The resort was simply amazing. The hotel staff were performing live in front of a an audience of 50-70 people , singing old lata songs and gyrating to new Bollywood masala songs. There was a magic show and an interactive session on Smoking -whether it is good or bad. Lot of kids actively participitated in the session. I then headed for Jasmine at around 2100 LT. I had trouble locating my hotel in the night as the road was very small and there was nobody on the road to guide me at night. somehow i managed to track the hotel. All the internal roads in Goa are narrow and appear to be similar. Finally had dinner at 2145 LT and retired for the night. Will post the photos once i get the connection. Vodafone is not available in the resort.


Tried out maps on my iPad,whilst on my way from Mumbai to kolhapur. seems to be working fine except for some areas where Vodafone signal was not available. AS a backup plan I have taken printouts of all destinations.Thanks to google maps

Had a puncture,my first puncture since I started driving my Scorpio. In a way it was good Bcoz I was assured that the tyre pressure sensors were working. Also I got to see how to remove a puncture on tubeless tyres. Hope there are no more punctures till I come back home on 15th June.